Ecopista do Rio Minho (Valença)

Bicycle Eco Lanes

Is there a better way of knowing the region than following the Ecopista do Rio Minho? Connecting Valença to Monção, this trail along the River Minho takes advantage of an ancient railway for about 10 miles. Whether you go through the trail on foot or by bicycle, you’ll equally enjoy the magnificent views not only over the river, but also over vineyards, creeks and cultivated fields. You’ll also pass by some viewpoints whose panoramic is even more impressive. You’ll be able to glimpse the fortress of Valença and the cathedral of Tui, and also the Convento de Ganfei, the Adro Velho de Verdoejo, some fishing piers and several chapels. In order to support visitors, there’s an interpretation centre in the Ecopista’s section of Valença, at the former Casa da Vigia da Linha, and another one in Monção, next to the halt of Cortes. In both centers, you'll find all the information you need to enjoy your ramble – informative posters, interpretation booklets –, as well as parking lots and a small exhibition about the ancient railway. As a matter of fact, there are also informative posters along the trail which, in the absence of a guide, will help you indentify and learn about the natural and patrimonial resources you pass by. A bird observation point located at Friestas allows you to enjoy the richness of the endogenous fauna and flora. A fantastic journey not to miss!

Valença (Viana do Castelo)

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