Termas de Melgaço


The thermal properties of the Águas do Peso have been acknowledged and valued for many years, more precisely since 1884, when they cured the wife of a doctor from Vila Nova Cerveira, who had suffered from a stomach ailment. Since then, these baths gone through many periods, some more golden than others. Strolling through the spa park, surrounded by lush vegetation though which Ribeira da Bouça Nova flows, we discover the two springs - the Fonte Principal and the Fonte Nova or Galeria Nova, the Buvete – an imposing building of the iron architecture, designed by engineer Luís Couto dos Santos –, the Spa – a example of the iron architecture of minor dimensions and monumentality –, the Bottling Workshop – a discreet industrial building – and the Hotel do Peso - in ruins, reminding us of the times when there was no lack of bathers. Today, following an in-depth rehabilitation and total remodelling, it is endowed with spaces that, in conjunction with high-quality equipment, complement each other perfectly to the practice of integrated treatments for therapeutic indications offered by the water of Melgaço, stop, breathe and enjoy.The Termas de Melgaço with waters admired by if their curative powers recognised over the years, are a true refuge for the senses, will be just another reason to come back to this beautiful Village!

Melgaço (Viana do Castelo)

42.105849, -8.281786