Rock Art, Serra da Gávea

Archaeological Sites

The rock formations located on the slopes of Serra da Gávea, in the region of Vila Nova de Cerveira, have very significant concentrations of rock art, proof of having been inhabited in the Bronze Age. About forty engravings are identified, divided into four nuclei, the largest being that of Senhora da Encarnação. As for the inscriptions, we are able to discern various shapes, from spirals, circles and lines, to grids and cup marks. In 1906, unique artefacts were found in a grave in the area, consisting of a copper dagger and also a diadem, two earrings, a ring and two spirals, all in gold, currently deposited at the National Museum of Archaeology, in Lisbon. At the top of Serra da Gávea, it is mandatory to contemplate the magnificent views over the Minho valley and neighbouring Galicia, especially from the Viewpoint of Cervo.


Vila Nova de Cerveira (Viana do Castelo)

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