Praia de Moledo


The Moledo Beach, with two kilometres of fine, white sand, is a wonderful destination. During the bathing season, this beach gets a huge influx of tourists who follow the tradition of spending their holidays here. More than just a beach bathed by sea, Moledo is a relaxing environment that revitalises tired minds. The parish is mainly geared towards tourism and is therefore increasingly sought after as a place for a second home. Ínsua Fortress, isolated on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, can be seen in the distance, as well as Monte de Santa Tecla. The green swathe of the Camarido National Forest contrasts with the sand of the beach, also known for its therapeutic qualities associated with iodine. Many holidaymakers, including from neighbouring Spain, come to Moledo to take advantage of the excellent conditions for surfing, windsurfing, sailing, kite surfing and bodyboarding. Moledo Beach has excellent support facilities for tourists, such as large car parks, bars and restaurants and even an outdoor auditorium. Moledo, synonymous with nature, heat and happiness, whether for the beach or for the unique landscape, defies a visit!

Caminha (Viana do Castelo)

41.84938, -8.86634