Penedo do Cavalinho, Monte de Santo Ovídio, Arcozelo

Archaeological Sites

Penedo do Cavalinho, also known as “Pedra do Cavalinho” (Stone of the Horse), is a type of rock art relatively rare in the Lima valley, as it is a zoomorphic motif in an area where schematic and geometric motifs are most frequent. Believed to be dated to the Bronze Age (3000 BC to 700 BC), more specifically between the Chalcolithic and the Final Bronze, it is located at the top of Mount of Santo Ovídeo, south of the churchyard wall of the chapel with the same name, where we can also explore the remains of an old fort. The top of this hill is, in fact, one of the best viewpoints over the village of Ponte de Lima and the entire valley of Lima, deserving a leisurely visit. Take advantage of the picnic area next to the chapel for a break while taking in the views.


Ponte de Lima (Viana do Castelo)

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