Paiol de Marte

Castles and Fortresses

In order to learn something more about the Praça-Forte de Valença and to get information on what's worth visiting, go to the Posto de Turismo at the Paiol de Marte. Built at the fringe of São Jerónimo bulwark and close to the Portas da Coroada, specifically at the Campo de Marte, this building dated from the 18th century deserves a visit for its history. Formerly, it used to be a bunker, so it’s not that hard imagining the soldiers storing powder and ammunitions or training around. Nowadays, it’s the only architectural witness of a large ensemble of military buildings that existed at south of the Praça-Forte de Valença. The powder house is surrounded by two walls and is located at a secluded place. Its walls reach about 20 feet thick and, imagine that, there are eight feet of sand at their top! All of this to protect people against possible explosions! Nowadays, this old bunker is prepared to welcome tourists, featuring a helpdesk area, a room where to read and buy books about the region and a small shopping area where to buy local and craftsman products, besides promoting guided tours. Specifically, the powder house is now a room for temporary exhibitions. All that you need to get the best out of your visit!

Valença (Viana do Castelo)

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