Núcleo Museológico do Sargaço e Percurso Pedestre

Cultural Spaces

Castelo de Neiva preserves the tradition of harvesting seaweed, here commonly known as sargasso. After drying, the algae serve as fertiliser for the sandy farmland. The Sargasso Museum Centre intends to make this long tradition known. Installed in a former primary school, the result of a partnership between Viana do Castelo Municipal Council and the Castelo do Neiva folk groups. This space includes an exhibition of instruments used for collecting the seaweed such as barns, a raft, samples of algae and the costumes used in these tasks. A gallery of pictures and a short film tell you more about this tradition. Sargasso seaweed has medicinal properties, which results in some products, such as soaps based on the algae. Once you’ve learnt about it, take a stroll along the trails to discover the usual places for gathering the sargasso and the barns still used to store it. On the beach, feel the refreshing sea breeze, take a deep breath and continue discovering the charms of Viana do Castelo!

Viana do Castelo (Viana do Castelo)

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