Núcleo Moinhos de Porreiras

Rural Heritage

Paredes de Coura has been called “Granary of Minho” since the reign of King D. João IV. The municipality used to be the major food supply for troops due to the abundance of cereals, which were extremely important to feed the soldiers. The increasing importance of corn crops in the region is well expressed in the large amount of mills and raccards in the lands of Coura... Even though agriculture has been more and more neglected in this municipality, the number of mills and raccards is still surprisingly high. One of the most interesting sets of watermills in the region is located at Porreiras. Distributed along the stream of River Coura, it's still possible to see the millstones and the mechanisms in some of those constructions. Not long ago, the locals used to come here to mill their corn, which was then used to bake delicious delicacies. Have you tasted the corn bread, the “bowl cake”, the meat bread or the sardine bread? You won't surely regret tasting any of them!

Paredes de Coura (Viana do Castelo)

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