Núcleo de Marcos Miliários de Antas

Archaeological Sites

The presence of the Romans in this territory is broadly acknowledged and, in proof of it, there still many vestiges of this occupancy. For instance, from the XIX Via Romana - and besides the bridge of Rubiães -, there are still fourteen milestones classified as National Monument, twelve of which located in the municipality of Coura. All of these were found along the ancient way that started in Asturica Augusta (Astorga), passed through Lucus Augusti (Lugo) and ended in Bracara Augusta (Braga). This was a passage for the troops heading to the Roman military camps and traders heading the markets and fairs… Go through this major achievement of the Roman Empire and admire these milestones, especially the six ones located at Antas, at the Capela de São Bartolomeu. Initially, these milestones were only used to indicate distances but, with the passing of time, they started to serve as a registry for the emperors' honorific titles. As far as the Núcleo de Marcos Miliários de Antas is concerned, all except one show an epigraph. Take a closer look at the two milestones sustaining the porch of the Capela de São Bartolomeu. The other ones can be admired in its yard. A very worth visiting set of milestones, a clear evidence of the Roman Empire's grandiosity!

Paredes de Coura (Viana do Castelo)

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