Muralhas de Monção

Forts, Castles and Ramparts

The Muralhas de Monção rise up along the left shore of Minho River, facing the Forte de Salvaterra on the opposite shore, in Galiza, Spain. Walk along the walls perimeter and enjoy the magnificent views over the river and the riverside area. You'll get a nice view of the leisure park and the hot springs - you won't resist climbing down and taking a closer look to this pleasant park! Feel as if you were part of the history of Monção breathing the medieval atmosphere of the fortress, built in 1306 by Dom Dinis who, during a longstanding war against Castela, ordered the construction of a castle with a keep and an inclosing wall around the town. Later, during the Restoration Wars, the medieval walls and castle were upgraded to a Vauban type fortress. Nowadays, very few is left of the earlier castle built by Dom Dinis except for some remains along Passeio dos Néris. Not very far from the fortress, there’s a gunpowder magazine with a flagstone roof surrounded by a high wall. The well preserved Porta de Salvaterra and Porta do Rosal are also worth visiting. Don’t miss this interesting National Monument, a witness of the town's warrior past!

Monção (Viana do Castelo)

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