Moinhos da Gávea

Rural Heritage

The Núcleo Interpretativo dos Moinhos da Gávea, along with the Casa do Artesão, is an important municipal infrastructure that allows visitors to learn something more about the culture and traditions of Vila Nova de Cerveira. Here you’ll be able to learn the corn cycle and the traditional milling processes, especially the hydraulic systems and the gristmills. Indeed, these old restored mills are an attraction of their own: its beauty and merging with the landscape, standing in intercalated terraces on a small cliff with a river, is the joy of children and also the grown ones! Wonder with the mill wheels pushed by the strength of water and, further down, a small stone bridge. This museologic centre is perfect for the younger ones, not only for the magic of the working mill, but also for the educational component of the mills’ interior and mechanism. Join your offspring in the discovery of the bread cycle, as you walk through the five mills. The tour starts at the “Lojinha dos Moinhos”, a place dedicated to the promotion of local products. The second mill – about the corn cycle - demonstrates the techniques and traditional instruments related to the production of corn, while the mill named as " A Eira e o Espigueiro " tells a little more about the working of the land. At the fourth mill – “A Evolução da Moagem: A Importância dos Moinhos Hidráulicos” – unveils the evolution of the milling techniques while relating them to local customs. Finally, at the still operating “Moinho de Rodízio”, you’ll be able to learn its mechanisms, how the hydraulic energy is used and the process of making wheat. At the end of your visit, return to the “Lojinha dos Moinhos”, where you can buy several regional products, such as corn bread, jams, honey and smoked sausages. How about a snack right now?

Vila Nova de Cerveira (Viana do Castelo)

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