Miradouro do Monte de S. Antão

Landscapes and Viewpoints

Some say that this is one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Alto Minho, located about 400 m above sea level. You need to be there, to see and feel, to confirm. From this viewpoint, enjoy a simply extraordinary landscape, which allows you to comprehend the vastness of an incomparable horizon. The view stretches from the majestic Serra d’Arga down to the mouth of the River Minho in the brilliant silver of its waters. In the evening, it provides a view of the best sunset in the region. Hand in hand with the mouth of the River Minho and the sea is Monte de Santa Tecla in neighbouring Spain - and Guarda, bordering the municipality. The extensive green patch marking the Camarido National Forest will not go unnoticed. Finally set your eyes on the extensive sandy beaches of Moledo and Vila Praia de Âncora. In addition to the breathtaking views from this hill, there is the chapel of Santo Antão, dating from before the beginning of the 18th century, rebuilt in 1775. After revitalising your energy, breathing air that is simply fresh, you can continue on your discovery of this "mosaic of landscapes".

Caminha (Viana do Castelo)

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