Marco Miliário / Pelourinho de Valença

Archaeological Sites

The region of Minho shows several evidences of the Roman occupancy, which stand for the strategic relevance of Valença for the ancient peoples. One of these evidences is the Via IV do XIX Itinerário de Antonino, a long distance military Roman road. Discover the remaining road sections and walk the same way as the Roman legions, the traders with their carts and the pilgrims did centuries ago!... A milestone was found at Arinhos, in the locality of Cais, on the left shore of the River Minho. This important landmark, dated from the 1st century AD, was built by order of Emperor Claudius to mark the XLII (42nd) mile from Braga to Tui. In 1680, the milestone was moved to the Praça-Forte de Valença, where it served as a pillory. At present, it’s placed near the Núcleo Museológico. An opportunity to visit two different venues that have so much to tell, at the same time!


Valença (Viana do Castelo)

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