Igreja Românica do Convento de Sanfins

Religious Heritage

The Convento de Sanfins, along with its church, is one of the most interesting architectonic examples in the municipality, for you should take a longer visit in order to interiorize the venue's monumentality. The best preserved remain of this ancient Convento Beneditino, located about 650 feet high, is its Romanesque church. There are no certainties about the convent's building date, although it's known that it already existed in 604 and it was one of the richer and most popular convents of the ancient realm of León in the 11th century. At present, the visible Romanesque construction dates back to the 12th century. Although the church is the only construction left from the convent buildings, the place is worth a visit for the beauty of the surrounding landscape. The wood that encircles the ancient convent, together with the serene atmosphere, creates a magic scenario that takes you back to the times when praying and chanting friars still passed by. If you follow a small pathway that starts next to the convent, you’ll get to a chapel from which you can sight the River Minho.

Valença (Viana do Castelo)

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