Igreja Matriz de Santa Maria dos Anjos / Capela da Misericórdia

Religious Heritage

The religious architectonic heritage of Valença deserves special attention for its diversity and quality. Among the many religious buildings, it stands out the Igreja Matriz, also known as Igreja de Santa Maria dos Anjos, which presents traces of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The only vestige left from the original structure, dated from the 13th century, is the main façade’s Romanesque portal. Notice all its interesting details, such as gargoyles, vegetal motifs, biblical animals and consecration crosses. Next to the north side façade and sharing the same yard, there’s another worth mentioning temple: the Capela da Misericórdia. Visit the temple's interior, built in the 16th century and deeply refurbished in the 18th century in Baroque style, and notice two counters for the choir stalls and some neoclassic polychrome carved retables. Also observe the interesting granite corbels that underpin the choir, depicting leaves of the African blue lily, an expression of Baroque sculpture. Visit these two temples and enjoy the richness of Valença’s heritage!

Valença (Viana do Castelo)

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