Historic Centre of Viana do Castelo


The connection between Viana do Castelo and the sea is not limited to fishing activity. At the time of the Maritime Exploration, the people from Viana made an important contribution to the expansionist enterprise, and the marks of that time are present in abundance in the historic centre. João Velho is one of the illustrious navigators whose house, known as Casa dos Arcos (House of the Arches), we find next to the Cathedral. João Álvares Fagundes, noble merchant who stood out for his expedition to the North Atlantic, has a statue erected near the Gil Eannes hospital ship. The house where the knight of the Royal House and sailor Pêro Galego lived is located in the alley of Parenta, and has an interesting granite relief on the façade representing a caravel. On Rua do Tourinho lived Pêro do Campo Tourinho, captain of the Captaincy of Porto Seguro in Brazil. A bust in his honour can be found in Praça da Liberdade. This journey through the marks of the Maritime Explorations can be completed with a visit to the chapel of the Confraternity of Senhor Jesus dos Mareantes, built in the 16th century in the Cathedral by the sailors from Viana. Also worthy of special mention is the 16th century ensemble of Praça da República, which consists of the Manueline building of the former Paços do Concelho (Old Town Hall), the Fountain of Praça da Rainha from 1554, by the mason João Lopes, the Old, and the Hospital of Chagas da Misericórdia from 1535.


Viana do Castelo (Viana do Castelo)

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