Rock Art, Monte dos Fortes, Taião

Archaeological Sites

It is in the vicinity of the Church of Taião and Monte do Fortes that we find the Rock Art of Monte dos Fortes which, together with the engravings of Monte da Laje and Tapada de Ouzão, not far away, are considered the largest set of Atlantic Rock Art identified today in Portugal. Dating from the Bronze Age, they are divided into three granite rocks, and the engravings, obtained by the technique of perforation, present mainly geometric motifs, such as concentric circles. Two of these rocks are flanked by carved rocks and separated by natural fissures, while the third, also carved, is located about 1.20 m below the previous ones. It is believed that the inscriptions may date from several stages, which attests to the presence of human communities since prehistory in this territory, so rich in natural resources. Come and discover the archaeological richness and natural diversity of this place!


Valença (Viana do Castelo)

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