Fonte de São João

Castles and Fortresses

In the middle of one of the Town’s main squares, surrounded by other interesting pieces of art, you’ll find the Fonte de São João, a Baroque construction dated from the 18th century. This monument was formerly built at the place of Assadura, and then transferred to its present location only in 1903. This flat backed fountain deserves a closer look due to its elaborate decoration, with seven inscriptions and a central niche. At its centre, it stands out a gargoyle escorted by two serpents, a representation of Agnus Dei, a coat of arms and a sculpture representing the baptism of Christ. Located in a gardened and paved small space, it has some benches where to relax a bit while enjoying the magnificent views over the whole Town. A fine way of getting an overview of the historical centre of Melgaço.

Melgaço (Viana do Castelo)

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