Estuário do Rio Minho

Landscapes and Viewpoints

The River Minho estuary, located in the extreme northwest point of mainland Portugal and adjacent to the town of Caminha, forms the border with the neighbouring region of Galicia, stretches over an area of 500 hectares and is well-known for the great diversity of habitats that attract large numbers of species of wild flora and fauna. The River Minho flows for 300 kilometres before it reaches Caminha, still at a good pace. It provides shelter to numerous species of birds and it is common to see rare species, such as the great white heron and the grey heron, catching the eye of all those who pass by. Along with the mouth of the River Coura, it is included in the list of Portuguese Rede Natura 2000 sites. The proximity of the sea and the abundance of food generate conditions for the survival and multiplication of species. In addition, the banks of the river and the small islets in the middle of its course provide excellent refuge and shelter for interesting species of fauna. The otter is one of the species that lives in this area, like salmon and lamprey. When in search of this famous jawless fish, many people travel to the municipality to enjoy the Minho River lamprey - a delicious dish. The interesting conditions in this area have also attracted Man down through the ages. Some very peculiar boats can still be seen today, such as the gamela and the carocho, still used by the local fishing communities, coexisting with recreational craft. Travel along its course and dive into discovery!

Caminha (Viana do Castelo)

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