Espigueiros e Pelourinho de Soajo

Rural Heritage

Soajo Town is one of those magical places that you never forget. The rural environment still prevails in this village, the streets paved with granite slabs and the old stone houses. It is especially known for having one of the largest sets of Galician-Portuguese granaries in Portugal. There are 24 in all, set on a huge rock. The oldest example dates back to 1782 and some are still used by the community. Their function was to ensure the drying of cereal and to protect it from storms. Notice the cross at the top, invoking divine protection. They were considered sacred by the people of Soajo. Take the opportunity to take some pictures. With luck, you might see garrana race horses grazing freely among the granaries. With a panoramic view over the entire surroundings, enjoy the mountains while listening to the sounds of the rural environment. Take a walk along the alleys and lanes, whose paths lead to the central square, which also has the town pillory and the parish church. And if you feel like prolonging the visit, Soajo has good accommodation where you can stay in comfort in a cosy atmosphere.

Arcos de Valdevez (Viana do Castelo)

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