Eira Comunitária de Porreiras

Rural Heritage

At the small rural village of Porreiras, you’ll find an agrarian landscape of great beauty, with cultivated fields outlined by stone walls and some meadows dotted with cows and sheep... Not very far from the mills of Porreiras, you’ll find the local communitarian threshing floor. Wander through this set of raccards, which shows up as a real illustrated postcard for the ones visiting Paredes de Coura. From there, the amazing panoramic views stand for the fame of the place! Extending for about 2.5 acres, these raccards were built on a hillside facing south, ravaged by strong winds. This location is not arbitrary, as it was chosen by the locals to allow for a better drying of the cereals – the result of years of expertise, or aren’t we at the Granary of Minho?! Don’t forget your camera and focus these eight raccards… First, a wooden one, then a concrete one and finally, the remaining ones in granite and wood… A threshing floor perfectly fitted within the green and the region's rural architecture, a feast for the eyes!

Paredes de Coura (Viana do Castelo)

41.9525, -8.553877