Chapel of Santa Catarina

Religious Heritage

Near the Fortress of Santiago da Barra, in Largo da Ribeira, stands the Chapel of Santa Catarina, probably dated from 1610. Its main characteristics are the nave with a high choir, the narrower and lower chancel, and the sacristy to the left side. Inside, the Baroque decoration of its altars and the devotional images stand out, these last ones still revered by fishermen today, being the story and the culture of Viana do Castelo so connected with the sea. In the same square stands the small oratory of Senhor dos Aflitos, another place of devotion that deserves a visit. On the outskirts of the chapel and the oratory is the picturesque fishermen's quarter, where they still live and work.


Viana do Castelo (Viana do Castelo)

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