Castro de São Sebastião

Archaeological Sites

The Castro de São Sebastião, also known as Castro de Cristelo, is one of the many fortified thorps in the region that reached present days as a strong witness for the human occupancy of this territory since the Iron Age. Located at the top of Saint Sebastian Mount, this “castro” thorp is surrounded by relatively flat valleys, which stands it out in the middle of the landscape. This was the place where – after being first occupied during the Iron Age – the Romans built their houses and dedicated to agriculture and cattle breeding... In proof of it, there have been found several archaeological assets such as axes, bricks, vessels and tegula… On the mount top, it also stands out the Capela de São Sebastião, a small pilgrimage temple, next to which you'll find some stone benches where to rest, enjoying the surrounding quietness. Since this thorp’s location is so atypical comparing to other ones in the regions - between the valley and the mountain - the views aren't so extensive. On the other hand, it offers amazing views over the rural village of Giesteira.

Paredes de Coura (Viana do Castelo)

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