Casa do Artesão

Cultural Spaces

From the many organizations encouraging local craftsmanship in Vila Nova de Cerveira, the most captivating one is surely the Casa do Artesão. Designed to divulge and promote the regional craftsmanship and its craftsmen, it was built upon the old fish market of Vila Nova de Cerveira, an original building located on the Saint Cross’s bulwark. The building is a point of interest of its own, as it has been considered one of the finest examples of the 19th century typical cast-iron architecture. If you have the chance, try to visit it on the weekend, as you’ll be able to see local craftsmen manufacturing some of their products, such as cork, ceramic and needlework items. Don’t miss the opportunity to be amazed by these skilful artists, who have the gift to endure the rural traditions through time and space. A charming way to learn the Minho Valley ethnography and, who knows, to take a fresh-made souvenir back home!

Vila Nova de Cerveira (Viana do Castelo)

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