Atalaia de Lovelhe ou Fortim da Atalaia

Castles and Fortresses

In the heart of Serra da Gávea, westwards of Capela de Nossa Senhora da Encarnação, you'll find the Atalaia de Lovelhe, probably built during the Restoration Wars to defend de Minho territory. Also known as the Fortim da Atalaia or the Bateria da Mata, this fort, along with the Castelo de Vila Nova de Cerveira and the Forte de São Francisco de Lovelhe, was part of a powerful defense triangle which aimed to control the river crossing and the road between Valença and Viana. Close your eyes and try to imagine a galloping knight holding his sword, shrouded by the mist that rises above the dense vegetation... This is the green mantle that continues to foster the unreal aura that takes us back in time. A undoubtedly worth visiting monument, whether for the history attached to it or for the fascinating and unreal ambiance that surrounds you – an invitation to meditation!

Vila Nova de Cerveira (Viana do Castelo)

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