14 Marcos Miliários (Série Capela) Braga a Tuy

Castles and Fortresses

The Via Romana, referred to by Antonino as the XIX, which linked Braga to Tui, classified as a national monument, crosses the municipality of Ponte de Lima, in a length of 47 km. Its section is defined by the presence of bridges and 14 milestones. The main network routes were flagged with milestones — of milia passum - i.e. with cylindrical columns made of solid material, feature inscriptions with the honourable titles of the emperors that erected them, affiliation and in particular distances. Of these 14, only 11 have been acknowledged within the municipality of Ponte de Lima, finding themselves moved from their original location. We can see some highlighted in the parishes of Arcozelo and Bertiandos. One of them is in the reserves of the National Archaeological Museum in Lisbon.

Ponte de Lima (Viana do Castelo)

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