Porta do PNPG do Mezio

Environmental Int. Centre

In Arcos de Valdevez, the magnificent Peneda-Geres National Park has an official gate: the Mezio gate. This structure was created with the goal of making all visitors, from the youngest to adults, more aware, to better understand and use the natural spaces within this protected area of national and international interest. It has equipment and infrastructures that help you explore the park area, starting at the Reception and Information Centre. Here you will find technical and human support, in the form of maps, routes, multimedia content and a shop with regional products. The outdoor spaces are fun, informative, and entertaining. In the biodiversity park, there are sculptures of the eleven main species of fauna of the National Park. Next door, the Agro-Silvo-Pastoral Complex of the Peneda and Soajo mountains reveals a miniature representation of the occupation of the mountain. Look closely at the typical villages (the summer ones and the winter ones), with terraces, bridges and mills. Note also the perfection of the cobblestones, in the wolf pit, in the granaries and even in the small chapel. Be sure to visit the Museum, which houses a rich collection from the archaeological excavations carried out here. Finally, take a break in the picnic area and head off to discover the mountain itself! If you plan to camp in total communion with nature, you can take advantage of the services of the Travanca campsite.

Arcos de Valdevez (Viana do Castelo)

41.88562, -8.3127