Centro de Interpretação da Serra d’Arga

Environmental Int. Centre

The Serra d’Arga Interpretation Centre (CISA) is the ideal starting point for anybody who wants to discover the charms of this mountain. It is located in an old forest guard’s house, at the entrance of Agra de Baixo Parish, a village where the marks of rurality are still very much alive. The Serra d’Arga Interpretation Centre has a diverse range of activities, with emphasis on walking and interpretative trails, study visits, environmental education workshops, the mini library and the sale of promotional material, local products and theme workshops, which tell about the natural heritage of Serra d’Arga. This centre is oriented towards the development of environmental education activities, dissemination, valorisation and promotion of the environmental and cultural heritage of Serra d’Arga, as well as for nature tourism. As to the walking trails, we leave you an invitation: there are four available on Serra d’Arga: the Pedra Alçada trail, the Chã Grande trail, the Cabeço do Meio-Dia trail and the Chã da Franqueira tra

Caminha (Viana do Castelo)

41.84259, -8.71459