Centro de Interpretação Ambiental das Lagoas de Bertiandos e São Pedro d'Arcos

Environmental Int. Centre

Seeing is believing! The Bertiandos and São Pedro de Arcos lagoons protected landscape area, in Ponte de Lima, is an authentic relic of nature and a gem for the preservation of the biodiversity in Alto Minho. With an area of 350 hectares, it has diverse flora and fauna. Amidst parks and plains, see the River Estorãos, the amazing variety of plant species and a dense network of traditional drainage systems, walking along wooden walkways. The vertebrate fauna is remarkable: fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and birds inhabit this river ecosystem. To better understand all this diversity, visit the Environmental Interpretation Centre. It is the ideal starting point for the discovery of the lagoons and their natural surroundings. The building includes a shop, exhibition space, an auditorium and various audiovisual media. Enjoy this visit and also see the Lima Information Centre, housed here, where, through a variety of interactive experiences, you will get to know the vast environmental, economic and social heritage associated with the River Lima. Here, guided tours, workshops and other activities directed at schools are also organised. Set off from the Environmental Interpretation Centre to discover the various hiking trails marked out. Awaken your senses and absorb all the charms of nature in the Bertiandos and São Pedro d’ Arcos lagoons!

Ponte de Lima (Viana do Castelo)

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