Ecovia de Ponte da Barca

Bicycle Eco Lanes

Freshness, nature, tranquility. All of this is to be found on the River Lima Ecovia. This trail connects the two Minho villages of Ponte de Lima and Ponte da Barca. This 15-kilometre green route, mostly flat, is well signposted and protected. You can walk or cycle as the ground is gravelled and has some wooden walkways. On the banks of the river, the dams and fishery ground are a constant in the surrounding landscape, as well as the agricultural fields and vines. Along the ecovia, there are pleasant leisure areas, picnic parks, a maintenance circuit and various points of interest. In Bravães, for example, stop at Fonte Santa, near the banks of the River Lima. It is said that these waters have healing properties. Further on, you will come across a fishing tool, which was used for lamprey fishing. As you pedal or walk along, discover the charms of nature in Ponta da Barca!

Ponte da Barca (Viana do Castelo)

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