Ecopista do Rio Minho

Bicycle Eco Lanes

The Ecopista do Rio Minho is a good option to make some exercise while exploring this area. Connecting Valença to Monção, it runs along Minho's River course, taking advantage of an ancient railway. Featuring 8 miles of extension on it’s inauguration in 2004, it was later expanded to 10.5 miles. Nowadays, it’s possible to follow the trail right next to the International Bridge which connects Monção to Salvaterra, where it is expected another trail extension. It’s a privileged environment to practice some sport – whether on foot or on a bike - always in connection with nature. Throughout the trail, you’ll be able to enjoy magnificent views over the riverbed of Minho River, the surrounding vineyards and, on the opposite shore, the neighboring Galiza. For additional information about this Ecopista, you can go the former halt of Cortes, where you'll find an interpretation centre which, together with another one lodged at the former Casa da Vigia da Linha, in Valença, welcomes the Ecopista users who'll have available parking lots, informative posters, interpretation booklets for the trail and some memories from the old railway. Along the trail, you’ll also find several interpretation panels which will help you knowing the region's fauna and flora. You'll pass through other interesting places, such as the fishing place of Cortes, some picnic parks and the Torre de Lapela. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to see the fishermen with their fishing rods and their typical working boats as you pass along the fishing place. An interesting walk that lets you assimilate, simultaneously, most of the natural and architectural wonders in Alto Minho.

Monção (Viana do Castelo)

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