Paintball - Ponte de Lima

Paintball is a strategy game where you use compressed air markers that shoot balls with colored ink. Participants aim to achieve the opponents and mark with paint his clothes. Can practice various scenarios: one on one, group against group, points count, leading capture, territory defense, flag capture. We provide all the technical and safety equipment needed. We have changing rooms. Average duration of the activity: 01h00 to 03h00 depending on the contracted number of game balls. We practiced discounts for large groups, schools, businesses and associations! We also have other activities to complete your day of adventure. Call us! We practiced the start time that is convenient for you, every day of the week from 09h00am to 07h00pm.

Centro Aventura

 Quinta de Pentieiros, EM525 203

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Das 09h00 às 19h00

Por pessoa. Inclui: seguros de acidentes pessoais

Ponto de Encontro

EM525 203, 4990-530, Portugal

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