Arvorismo, slide, escalada e air-bunjee

Ideal program for the whole family, from children to the grown-ups! The canopy tour, the zip-line, the climbing and the air-bunjee are nature activities that should not be missed! The canopy tour path is the crossing between platforms mounted high in the trees, with 16 acrobatic bridges that will surprise you and put to the test all your dexterity. The canopy tour is equipped with a Continuous Lifeline, allowing participants to do all the way in complete safety, without any possibility of disconnection. The zip-line have 120 meters long and is sure you will repeat. In climbing wall will have the opportunity to climb 8 meters high and in the air-bunjee will jump with a restraint system that will allow you to perform stunts safely. We provide all the technical and safety equipment needed. Average duration of the activity: 2H00. We practiced discounts for large groups, schools, businesses and associations! We also have other activities to complete your day of adventure. Call us! We practiced the start time that is convenient for you, every day of the week from 09h00am to 07h00pm.

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