Pack 5 aulas de surf/ Iniciação ao Surf

Surf school and monitors accredited by the Portuguese Surfing Federation. The lessons are given in Vila Praia de Ancora, excellent and safe beach for practicing water sports. The lessons have a duration 1h30, it includes all the necessary materials and sports insurance. Our biggest concern is security, because it allows practice this sport safely and consciously besides instilling respect to the sea.

Koala Surf School

 Avenida Dr. Ramos Pereira n. 271

 -8.865416, 41.814095



Conforme condições do mar

Pack 5 Aulas (preço por pessoa) / Pack 5 lessons

Ponto de Encontro

Av. Dr. Ramos Pereira 271, 4910-468 Vila Praia de Âncora, Portugal

 -8.865424, 41.81411