Canyoning Aventura

Are you tired of the day-to-day? Adrenaline is something that is not strange for you? This is the ideal activity for you! Canyoning Adventure is the most challenging experience that can make the Portuguese mainland! This is where your emotions will be brought to the red. With up to 60m rappels, guided rappels to 30m in height and more than 40m long and jumps that can pass the 11m (optional), all this in the longer canyoning routes from mainland Portugal. To accomplish this canyoning, for security reasons, it is prerequisite to have done the Tobogã Canyoning Middle Level at least once and be considered by the Guidelines as "ready" to the next level of difficulty. All personal protective equipement are included. Lunch not included. We recomend to bring a litle snack.


 Rua Solar de S. Verissimo, n1

 -8.382991, 41.561443



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Ponto de Encontro

R. dos Prados 23, 4715-595 Henriqueta, Portugal

 -8.383077, 41.561443